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Blue Lake Ranch

Blue Lake Ranch was a very extensive project. Our photographer was on-site for 5 + days just so he could capture this massive 200 acre property with 16 different and unique units. This also allowed us to really understand what was important from the customer perspective. We then created a new logo and website design Our staff also helped the staff at Blue Lake Ranch set up a new reservation software system & online booking engine.

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New Website & Branding

We created a new web design that would showcase the numerous buildings & facilities. Southwest mountain flair added to the design elements. The new website was further enhanced by custom photography shot by Bill MItchell Marketing.

Custom Photography

We did a 5 day custom photography shoot for this client. We also created a custom video showcasing the property and gorgeous buildings. 

Video Production

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Logo Design

The client needed a new logo. We created a logo that reflected the gorgeous mountain surroundings.