Queen Victoria Luxury Inn

The Queen Victoria has 35 room luxury Inn that is divided throughout 4 separate buildings. The customer journey was very crucial in the new website design. The property is beautiful, but we had to make sure visitors understood the property and how it was laid out. The bounce rate for the new website is 30 percent (50-60 is average)! Online reservations increase every single year! Bill Mitchell Marketing is proud of our long-time association with such a fantastic business.

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Digital Marketing

Bill Mitchell Marketing has been doing ongoing digital marketing for Queen Victoria for many years. This business dominates organic search in Cape May. Over 80 top 10 Google listings. Top rated luxury Inn in Cape May. 

Website Design

We created a new website for Queen Victoria that is as functional as it is beautiful. Gorgeous photography frames a stunning victorian web design. A special rooms page allows customers to compare all 4 building locations. This website also has a low bounce rate. And, a very high ecommerce conversion rate.