Video is currently the most sought after type of content on the internet. And this trend is only really getting started. People using the internet are watching videos more than ever before. Given our love of TV, the obsession with video really shouldn’t be a surprise. Hoteliers are among many businesses that can significantly benefit from the use of video. If your digital strategy doesn’t include video, then it’s time you reassessed your plan. Here is why video marketing is essential to your hotel’s digital strategy.

Video is Efficient

ROI is important for investments made by any business. Hoteliers want to see conversions as a result of their investment. Since video content is so powerful, it has become an efficient way to witness your ROI. As much as 80% of users view video content over written content, so if your hotel doesn’t have video content, you are likely doing your hotel a disservice.

YouTube is #2

YouTube is the second most searched website on the internet. More than six billion hours are spent watching videos on YouTube each month. Having a custom YouTube channel for your hotel will not only further your reach but will provide additional opportunities for better search engine rankings.  Google (the #1 website) owns YouTube, and is indexing your video content faster than your traditional website content. People looking for a great place to stay will find your website easier if you are using YouTube as part of your digital strategy.

Staying Relevant

It is estimated that 74% of internet traffic will be in video by the end of this year. If you aren’t setting your hotel up to participate in this trend, then you are setting your hotel up for loss of revenue. Hoteliers who choose to turn away from video content will lose relevancy to their audience because your content will not easily be seen. Your hotel will become buried in a sea of video that is being seen.

Travel Content is Booming

Video content that is related to travel has increased significantly. More and more people are viewing travel-related videos before deciding what their next travel adventure will entail. Cruising through YouTube or watching videos elsewhere has become a part of the consumer journey that will not be going away anytime soon. Videos are looked at and weighted much like reviews. Video content has quickly become an additional tool that consumers use to help them make educated decisions.

Image is Everything

Professional video content helps businesses hone their brand and share their authority in the marketplace. Providing video content will not only help tell your story, but also give your customers a feel of who you are before they ever make a purchase from you.  Be careful and strategic in how you send your message to the world. Some things are not best handled with a DIY strategy. You won’t want video content published that doesn’t share your story with professionalism and skill. While you may be an expert when it comes to your hotel, you may not be when it comes to video production. Partnering with the right expert is an essential part of your hotel’s digital strategy.